Schedule Services through link below and ask for Introductory Special $30 / Thirty Minute Session:

-Regular Price - $75 / Sixty Minutes-

-Add-ons - $10 / Ten Minutes-


Journey Massage and Spa Services, Pittsford, NY 

or Call (585) 586-0010 for an appointment

A Session consists of one or a combination of all of the Services defined and illustrated below:


- Usui Reiki - Chakra Balancing -Integrated Energy Therapy® -

-Regular Price - $75 / Sixty Minutes

 Usui Reiki & Chakra Balancing are holistic health modalities used to cleanse, balance and strengthen the Chakras, the human energy centers in the body, to promote natural healing.  Integrated Energy Therapy ® (I.E.T. ® ) is a modality that is exceptionally effective for releasing emotions of traumatic experiences from the past while aligning with an individual's highest life purpose allowing physical ailments to be cleared.  Also, Energy Work assists with stress and pain management

-Usui Reiki and Chakra Balancing-   

-Regular Price - $75 / Sixty Minutes-














-Integrated Energy Therapy®-

-Regular Price - $75 /  Sixty Minutes






-Muscle Tension & Relaxation Techniques and  Soul Star Clearing- 

-Add-on - $10 / Ten Minutes-

 Muscle Tension & Relaxation Techniques are enhancements to  I.E.T. ®.  They help remove tension in the arms and legs to promote harmony and action.  The Soul Star is considered the 8th Chakra and holds the spark of energetic potential of your soul's purpose.  A Soul Star Clearing opens the path to bring your soul's mission to life. 


-Intuitive and Healing Mini Angel Card Reading- 

-Add-on - $10 / Ten Minutes

An Angel Card Reading is a fun way to connect with your angels for insights about any situation you are experiencing right now.  Of course, you are in control of making decisions regarding your life path, but this reading may show you a different angle to a situation that may lead to the more positive outcome. A choice of card decks used for a Mini Angel Card Reading are illustrated below.





Angel, Fairy, Power, Animal Card Decks for a Mini Angel Card Reading

Do You Have Any Questions about Services?

Disclaimer: Energy Therapy and Angel Card Reading Services are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care. Readers and practitioners do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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