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Spiritual Beliefs

Christine is a Lightworker and has a Healing Minister Ordination through

The Universal Light, Inc. She believes that if aligned with God or Universal Energy, the physical body has the ability to heal itself naturally; furthermore, we are all channels of Universal Energy. Also, she believes there is a direct connection between physical diseases of the body and emotions from past hurts that have not been released. Integrated Energy Therapy® is one modality she uses that is exceptionally effective for releasing emotions of traumatic experiences from the past while aligning with an individual's highest life purpose allowing physical ailments to be cleared.

Also, Christine is an Empath and is naturally Clairsentient. She is a Certified Angel Card Reader™ , an Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner and an Usui Reiki Master Christine gives intuitive and healing Angel Card Readings and Energy Therapy Sessions for her clients.

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